A sweet life From Liberty to Italian design. 1900-1940

    Date: 16/10/2015

    Event: A sweet life From Liberty to Italian design. 1900-1940

    Exhibition organized by the Palaexpo Special Company in collaboration with the Musée d’Orsay, Paris.

    In Italy at the beginning of the twentieth century, the decorative arts, already heirs of an important artisan and artistic tradition, interpreted the desire for progress of a nation that has recently experienced unity. Cabinet makers, potters and glass masters often work in collaboration with the major artists of the time, giving life to a real “Italian style” destined to influence the very birth of modern design.

    It is a period of “paradoxical optimism”, of intense creativity with, in the background, a society in profound transformation, initially fueled by the hopes of the Giolitti government, but soon forced to suffer the trauma of the First World War and the tragic outcome of the Mussolini regime.

    Exhibition conceived by Guy Cogeval Curators Guy Gogeval, Beatrice Avanzi, Irene de Guttry, Maria Paola Maino


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